Vic Mignogna - Italian Boys lyrics


Grandma: Okay, my lil Victor, I'm so glad you're here! How's come you so skinny? Don't you like Grandma's pasta fazole? Spaghetti? Meatballs? Come on Victor, manja, you get big!

1967 it was told to me

(Grandma: I want you to be a strong boy when you get big!)

That I'm an honored member of the greatest nationality

(his Grandma said)


Grandma: Tu bei lineamenti Italiano, probrother gene. Lavoro lavare, portare nama nigase

I never learned the language

But translated she said


(talian boys!)

They've got the looks

They've got the smarts

(Italian boys!)

They know romance

They've got sensitive hearts

(Italian boys!)

And can they cook

Let me lay something on ya

Nobody makes any better lasagna

Eat some pizza

Make some noise

And be proud that you are one of the Italian boys


Grandma: Come on, open up, open up, Victor! Open up, 'at a boy, Victor!

She would cook the pasta I would stir the sauce (Grandma: You're gonna remember Grandma Mignogna, what's Grandma tells you)

Get the homemade dressing

Don't forget there's salad yet to toss

(his Grandma said)


Grandma: You know, Victor? Dandy mea Italia, ariva qui dei cent'anni. Evacuazione tu a Americano nonché bone bien!

I carry on the family name

So she makes sure I know


(Italian boys!)

They love to sculpt

And painting's a cinch

(Italian boys!)

Let's not forget "Leonardo DaVinch"!

(Italian boys!)

We name our kids Dominic and Malfisa

My Grandma looks just like the Mona Lisa (Grandma laughs)

I share the pride

And pride the joy

Of being what I am: an Italian boy


Grandma: Victor, Grandma loves you so much. Someday, I want you to be a big man, I want you to write a song just for me. (Vic chuckles) And then when Grandma's dead and gone, you can play that song for people who's comin after me, okay, Victor?

Vic: (laugh) Okay.

Grandma:(Itallian line ending in "cu bella del mondo")

Vic: Okay, Grandma, Grandma, I gotta finish the song.

Grandma: That's right!


(Italian boys!)

When we unite the whole family

(Italian boys!)

I got more cousins than the eye can see

)Italian boys!)

America, sing a thank you chorus

To Chris Columbus

He discovered it for us

We got the style

We got the poise

We've got to fill the world with more Italian boys


Grandma: And Victor, I'm glad you are half-Italian, because you do have a little bit of Dego blood in you and you are adorable! (Vic laughs) You a little boy now but when you get big, Grandma still give you a big chunk of chocolate! (both laugh) You love that chunk of chocolate?

Vic: (laughing) Oh yes, yes.

Grandma: You know what your momma did one time?

Vic: No no, tell me, tell me.

Grandma: She went out with your dad and she left you over my house. It was a summertime, and this is a the truth…(trails off)