Vetiver - On The Other Side lyrics

Look around, what do I see?
Strange people with some place to be
Getting lost out in the crowd
Saying nothing, talking loud

Sounding nervous, act uptight
Boast the bully oh, first to fight
See, to me that don't seem right
I'm on the other side

You know those who need to win
Keep pushing 'til the very end
I'll go easy, I'll step light
I'm on the other side

No pressure, I don't worry
I do what comes naturally
No need to, rush or hurry
That's just ain't my speed

I can wait, rock steady
And be ready when you are
With eyes on the wall

Far away from the maddening crowd
Grateful not to be so proud
And with patience as my guide
I'm on the other side
I'm on the other side