Verve Pipe - Kiss Me Idle lyrics

Roses dead in dirty water held up by the vase
Once a gift goodbye but now remind me to replace
Hardened petals bang the dresser when they fall away
Kiss me idle

Kiss me without make-up, leave no marks upon my chest
Kiss me for no other reason then to give your eyes a rest
Kiss me slow and breathe me lifeless, let this all digest
Kiss me idle

Slowly, slowly
The longer it takes
The better mistakes we end up stumbling on

I wouldn't want to leave upon your tongue a sour taste
So leave it foiled and disappointed, wanting to be chased
A mouth that's open wide and speechless seems like such a waste
Kiss me idle

One time lazy, another time dear
Despite all your fears of outlasting my love

I can't afford the stubborn sleep
On photographs of birthdays past
So close your eyes and catch your breath
And I will wait right here

Tie my fingers to remind me to leave you every day
While my hair is growing white, the strings are turning gray
One by one they come undone until they fall away
Kiss me idle
Kiss me idle