Vengeance - Now And Then lyrics

I Gotta Write A Little Letter
And Mail It To My Girl In La
Cause My Heart'S Pumping Hard
And You Need To Make This Fever Go Away

Nothing'S Black Or White
It Doesn'T Matter Who'S Wrong Who'S Right
You'Ll Be In My Dreams Tonight

It'S Not Over Now It'S Not Over Then
You Tear Me Up, Babe Again And Again
Ooh, Every Now And Then
We'Re Living For The Good Times
Living For The Good Times-Now And Then

There'S Been Too Many Nights
Dripping Wet And Sleeping Alone
Now I'M Ready T Go Come
Like A Dog A Dog For A Bone

Something'S Holding Me
There'S No Chains But I Can'T Break Free
You'Re The One My Dreams Still See

Baby Say When, Say It Again
Now And Then-Now And Then