Vengeance - No Mercy lyrics

There'S A Bunch Of Liars
There'S A Bunch Of Creeps
A Bunch You Can'T Rely On
A Bunch You Never Ever Seen
Wanna Raise Some Trouble
Wanna Raise Some Hell
You Gonna Run For Cover
You Gonna Ring On Satan'Sbell

I Don'T Know Where To Go
I Can'T Take It Anymore
Gimme One For The Road And Open Up His Door

No Mercy For The Devil
No Mercy For His Spies
There'S Not Even A Tomorrow
Those Dirty, Rotten Alibies

I Wanna The Good Fight
I'M Gonna Steal His Soul
Gonna Rip His Heart Out
Gonna Grab Him By The Balls
Don'T You Stop Me Trying
Don'T You Wonder Why
I'M Like A Saint Who'S Crying
For Too Many Sinners Lie