Vengeance - May Heaven Strike Me Down lyrics

I Was Just A Dreamer
Acting Like A Fool
You Were Reaching Out For Me
But I Was Kinda Cool
The Fear Of Loosing Power
Being Treated Like A Slave
Was Keeping Me Away From You
Day After Day
She Was Sleeping I Was Creeping
Sneaking Out The Backdoor
Up To A Lady She's Kinda Shady
That Didn't Matter To Me
Cause She's A Goer And She's A Shower
She Took Me Back To Her Place
All Of A Sundden I Heard Her Coming
And Guess Who Came Running In
I Said
May Heaven Strike Me Down
May Heaven Strike Me Down
If I Ever Fool Around
May Heaven Strike Me Down
Came Home Early Back To My Girly
She Wasn't There To Greet Me
I Smelt Her Perfume
Up To Her Bedroom
And Guess, What Did I See

She Said She Said
May Heaven Strike...

No More Goin' No More Showin'
Cos' We've Locked The Backdoor
I Smell Her Perfume
She's In Her Bedroom
And Now She's Waiting For Me