Velvet Acid Christ - Phucking Phreak lyrics

Murder the feelings all left aside
From all of those days that you try to hide
You lift out the anger and cut it dry
You soak your tears away, now you can fry

Your mind melts away, you go with the flow
You hold it down, but you can't let go
You try to speak, but you hear no sound
Laying on the ground, expressed into sanity
Where you will never be

'Cause we're all dead, 'cause you're all dead...

We went into the night
We cut off the right
We won't feel a thing
We're so insane

Disturbed thoughts, distort your mind
You're penetrated, obliterated
We all face it, We all try to hide
The unrelying, the lie

The feelings, the how, the when, and the why
We always lie, we always lie
We always cry, we always die - you

Push away the feelings you left, so far away
We walked into the sun
And we left our hopes astray
We hope to live another day
But when you break it all down

There's really nothing left to say...
So babble away...

'Cause that's how they pay