Veda Skyes - Punk Was So Two Years Ago lyrics

Verse: Your smile lights the room. We're all blinded by the light. You can't see it but we know its there. The lies that you told still hang in the air.

Prechorus: You can try your best to show your true motives.

Chorus: It turns out that all of these lines we know are (It turns out that all of these lines you sold) from a play written long ago. (are only copper pawned as gold) The authors still remain unknown (I bought every line you had to show) but we keep on acting like we know...

Verse 2: ...who we are and what were doing here. I looked into your eyes and guess what I saw. Its all been done before. Its all the same routine.

Prechorus x1

Chorus x1

Breakdown: I see through you. You're not so pure.

Build up: All I see are dramas and tagedies played out in front of me every single day.

Chorus x1