Vassline - New World Awaits lyrics

The howl of an angry beast
Cried out twelve times
The sun now blinds the moon
The moon now blinds the sun
A beauty is lost, lies fill the air
Slaughtered to the last one of them
With my blade of rust
With my own judgement
And the final revenge has been made

A point of no return
Birth of tragedy
Course of inequality
Death of hope

Hell awaits me
Devil tricks me
I sold my soul
This is my worst karma
Kept a distance to the choices
Never knew what is right or what is wrong
But devil showed me what it means
The great misfortune's born
The hatred fills the souls
There is no destination
No wrath of god for me
After all
We're born to fade in this solitude

This is my fate

Take a deep breath
And standing here under the sun
Take the last breath
A whole new world awaits