Vassline - Affirmation For The Desperated lyrics

Who am I?
You tell me.
What's my name?
I don't care.

Think nothing,
Death is another beginning.

But your name never ends,
Even afterwords the world has gone to ashes.

Death comes in your way? KILL DEATH.
In the name of honor, SLASH DEATH.
And let everyone REMEMBER YOUR NAME.
With conviction and the HILT OF A SWORD.

Let the flower bloom...

Hell? I've seen it. HOWEVER, I'M NOT AFRAID.

No regrets in my life.
And I fought till death to win it back.

I ended up having nothing.

To keep your honor:
1. cut off the hands of weak.
2. cut off the legs of fear.
3. pull out the eyes of death.

(March forward even if the road is covered with death souls
I die here for sure, but I'm not going alone)

I die here for sure.
And I'm not going alone.

Be bound to nothing.
Just live yourself.