Vanna - Toxic Pretender (2015)

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Vanna - Toxic Pretender lyrics

My eyes have seen no glory, so I ripped them out today. 'cause when was the last time I looked at you without looking away. you fucking disgust me. a legion in my mouth. teeth inside my hands. I rip my head inside out. what does cancer look like? and what is it's face? you can't look it in the eye. what a fucking disgrace. you can be erased. laid to waste. time ticks on. your hands were made for letting go. I can no longer let you drag me below. I'm sick of writing this down. you'll never read these words. cross it out. write what you want to be heard. quick this motherfucker's at it again. acting like a corpse can't tell a body's dead. what's the problem? what's wrong with this kid? I'm sick of catching the same old wind. the air's stale. how long has it been? one day I woke up and your language was dead. now all I hear is the voice inside my head. it speaks in tongues I've never learned. not a sound was heard. you don't get the last word. your ship was sinking. seems like the captain failed. the tides rip you apart. no more vessel to sail. undertow, undertow as you let go. godspeed, I'll fucking see you in hell. you left thinking you left me stranded, but all this time I was the only one standing. I'm the only one. I'm the only one standing. liar liar, souls on fire. liar liar, jump back in the fire.