Vanessa Amorosi - Mr. Mysterious (2010)

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Vanessa Amorosi - Mr. Mysterious lyrics

Mr Mysterious, Mr Mysterious, Mr Mysterious.

I, I saw you, I saw you in the middle of the night,

In the night, there was two, there was two of us.

Sharing a glare, in a glare,

How nice of you to share what we had til ya disappeared at The end of the night.

Asking around, and around,

Did ya see what just went down, what went down,

I think he, he may be the one.

But I let, let him get, Let him get away

Now I'm back to the start where i was before.


Mr Mysterious,

Has got me so serious,

Now I'm delerious,

I try and I try to just move on

But all i do is waiting so long

When I get out, I get out, when I get outside the house,

Out the house, not to work,

I'll be looking for a guy, that I saw, that i saw,

In the middle of the night, yes the night,

But for some silly reason he got away,

No, said, no, no, no i dont really have a clue,

What he's like, whos to know,

But I'm sure he'll be the one of a kind,

One of that i'd really like to keep,

But it's all just a distant memory i talk about.

(Chorus x2)


Use my periferrals, keep it original

saw mammi shaking it up on the floor

no, not the minimal maxed out the rhythm till

every guy creeped up & wanted her more

Now I ain’t the kind

to come from behind

and wade through the he-said she-said and rest

I’m taking my time

and maybe she’ll find

me playing the back when she sorts through the mess

You need it you get it you got it

and then when you got it you won’t even want it

I been down this road every sign just says stop it

but like an obsession can’t keep myself off it

We’re lost in the game

no numbers no names

all this anonymity turns up the heat

conventional ways

don’t cut it these days

diggin’ the way that you rockin’ this beat

(Chorus x2)

(Mr Mysterious) Mr Mysterious,

(Now I'm delerious) Has got me so serious

(Mr Mysterious) Now i'm delerious. (No I'm so serious)

I try and I try to just move on but all i do is waiting so long, (long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long)