Vanessa Amorosi - Mr. Mysterious lyrics (Chinese translation). | Mr Mysterious, Mr Mysterious, Mr Mysterious.
, I, I saw you, I saw you in the middle of the...
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Vanessa Amorosi - Mr. Mysterious (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: Mr Mysterious, Mr Mysterious, Mr Mysterious.
ZH: 神秘的先生,先生神秘,神秘的议员。

EN: I, I saw you, I saw you in the middle of the night,
ZH: 一、 我看到你,看见你在午夜,

EN: In the night, there was two, there was two of us.
ZH: 在夜晚,有两个,还有我们两个。

EN: Sharing a glare, in a glare,
ZH: 共享刺眼眩光、 中

EN: How nice of you to share what we had til ya disappeared at The end of the night.
ZH: 您可以共享我们直到你有多么好啊背影消失在黑夜的终结。

EN: Asking around, and around,
ZH: 问周围,和周围,

EN: Did ya see what just went down, what went down,
ZH: 雅看到什么只是去了什么去了吗

EN: I think he, he may be the one.
ZH: 我觉得他,他可能是一个。

EN: But I let, let him get, Let him get away
ZH: 但我让,让他得到,让他跑

EN: Now I'm back to the start where i was before.
ZH: 现在我回到开始以前那里。

EN: (Chorus)
ZH: (合唱)

EN: Mr Mysterious,
ZH: 神秘,先生

EN: Has got me so serious,
ZH: 让我那么严重,

EN: Now I'm delerious,
ZH: 现在我是 delerious,

EN: I try and I try to just move on
ZH: 我试着和我尝试只是移动上

EN: But all i do is waiting so long
ZH: 但我做的一切等了这么久

EN: When I get out, I get out, when I get outside the house,
ZH: 当我出去的时候时,我拿出,在房子外面时候,

EN: Out the house, not to work,
ZH: 出的房子,无法工作,

EN: I'll be looking for a guy, that I saw, that i saw,
ZH: 对于一个家伙,我所见,我见过,就会找

EN: In the middle of the night, yes the night,
ZH: 在午夜,是黑夜,

EN: But for some silly reason he got away,
ZH: 但一些愚蠢的原因,他还是逃脱了,

EN: No, said, no, no, no i dont really have a clue,
ZH: 不是,说,不,不,不我真的没有一条线索,

EN: What he's like, whos to know,
ZH: 他是什么样子,谁也不知道,

EN: But I'm sure he'll be the one of a kind,
ZH: 但我相信他就是那一种,

EN: One of that i'd really like to keep,
ZH: 之一,我真的想要保留,

EN: But it's all just a distant memory i talk about.
ZH: 但它是一切只是遥远的记忆我谈。

EN: (Chorus x2)
ZH: (合唱 x 2)


EN: Use my periferrals, keep it original
ZH: 使用我的 periferrals,保持其原始

EN: saw mammi shaking it up on the floor
ZH: 看到 mammi 在地板上动摇了

EN: no, not the minimal maxed out the rhythm till
ZH: 不,没有最小垮直到节奏

EN: every guy creeped up & wanted her more
ZH: 每个男人都把穆斯特教授科技通缉她更多

EN: Now I ain’t the kind
ZH: 现在我 ain†™ t 类

EN: to come from behind
ZH: 从后面来

EN: and wade through the he-said she-said and rest
ZH: 韦德通过他说她说和休息

EN: I’m taking my time
ZH: 是否欧元 ™ m 考虑我的时间

EN: and maybe she’ll find
ZH: 和也许 she†™ 找到

EN: me playing the back when she sorts through the mess
ZH: 我玩背面,当她通过乱排序

EN: You need it you get it you got it
ZH: 你需要它你得到它你了

EN: and then when you got it you won’t even want it
ZH: 然后当你得到了你 wonâ 欧元和 ™ t 甚至想它

EN: I been down this road every sign just says stop it
ZH: 我一直沿着这条路,每个符号只是说: 停止它

EN: but like an obsession can’t keep myself off it
ZH: 但像迷恋 can†™ t 保持自己关闭它

EN: We’re lost in the game
ZH: 机动 ™ 再失去了在游戏中

EN: no numbers no names
ZH: 没有数字没有名称

EN: all this anonymity turns up the heat
ZH: 所有这种匿名功能把热

EN: conventional ways
ZH: 传统的方法

EN: don’t cut it these days
ZH: 即便欧元 ™ t 把它切这几天

EN: diggin’ the way that you rockin’ this beat
ZH: diggin†™ 方式你 rockin†™ 这节拍

EN: (Chorus x2)
ZH: (合唱 x 2)

EN: (Mr Mysterious) Mr Mysterious,
ZH: (神秘先生)神秘,先生

EN: (Now I'm delerious) Has got me so serious
ZH: (现在我是 delerious)让我如此严重

EN: (Mr Mysterious) Now i'm delerious. (No I'm so serious)
ZH: (神秘先生)现在我是 delerious。(没有我是如此严重)

EN: I try and I try to just move on but all i do is waiting so long, (long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long)
ZH: 我试着和我尝试只是移动上但我做的一切等待很长时间、 长、 长、 长、 长、 长、 长、 长、 长长)