Van Der Graaf - Chemical World lyrics

"Well what's the harm? It's good clean fun...
why don't you just go on and have another one?
When there's hanky-panky in the boardroom,
Wooly-bully on the farm, what's the harm?
It's quite alright - I mean to say, tomorrow's just another day..."

Oh, but in the morning,
but in the morning light
will you still feel as fine,
will you still need to trade day for night?

In the country of the blind, the one-eyed man is king;
in the country of the sheep, they call him Cyclops.
And the quality of mind is such a tenuous thing
that here you need it like a blind man needs eye drops.
Get out of that back room,
this vacuum, it attracts you, but in fact
you don't know quite what it is;
you're being sapped of everything
you once valued so highly....
Will you still feel as strong,
will you still long for weakness to come?

It's a Chemical World...
not a candidate ever fails;
though you search for the Holy Grail
you're not going to find it
in the Chemical World.

A sleeper can't escape;
fast overnight...the ticker-tape.
Oh but in the morning,
but in the morning haze
will the market have turned,
will there be no more days left to trade?

It's the Chemical World
and from the moment that it's embraced
it's the Chemical World
all the diamonds turn to paste
in the Chemical World....
Yeah, you think you'll look so pretty -
it's gonna blow up in your face.

"It's just the time, so slow to pass.
It's just the doesn't last...."