Vampire Rodents - Scavenger lyrics

The father's irrelevance makes the lineage distinct
No one apologizes if their chromosomes are linked
A meaning outside of function means
The white man has defective genes

We're just waiting for you to die

Crucified Serbians line the road
The crow roost rustles and rodents roam

Butchered Bobby
Brick by brick
For trick or treat
He took the trick
Crawling Neptune twixt her thighs
Count the scars beneath her lies
Righteous wrath of words unmoving
Memory is drunk and soothing

Dream crime delirium
Fast approaching waters
Sleepwalk to the guillotine of your fathers

Greetings comfort woman soldier
Vengeance grows as it gets older
Begging deaf to stalking mask
Mercy moves beyond your grasp

We're just waiting for you to die

Surrounded and tethered
Bored human feelings
Stale, old, and weathered
The red rain congealing

No emotion
No remorse
No compassion
Only comedy

We're just waiting for you to die