Vampire Rodents - Scatter lyrics

You'll say you sleep without a bed
(I won't ever complain)
And bruises, progressive
Refusing the slightest hand

Sleeping on a bed of sausage
Picking scabs, I'll find a prize or two
And as the stomachs churn
And as the saints come marching
And as the pickers pick
I'll pick the pickers' pockets

Wake up in bleah sheets
(I see no trace for the sacrifices)
(I see there's nothing wrong with this world)
And as the lights come up
And as the saints come marching
I am a perfect martyr
(I've never been a martyr)

When the saints come crumbling down?
"When I was a little boy, my biggest joy was kissing girls"
"Now I am a big, big man, with big big plans to keep my seat"
"When I was a little girl, I'd dreamed that I'd eat royalty"
"I knew just what I'd live to be, I'd live to eat royalty"

"and I'll gobble gobble gobble it up!"

Replacing the hog
Reclaiming the hog