Vampire Rodents - Abortion Clinic Deli lyrics

All the murdered babies
Scream in Christian heads
In politicians' wives
Masturbating in their beds
The unborn have no lives
Therefore they have no rights
All this meat should not be wasted
When the population bites

The abortion clinic deli
Appetizing, never smelly
The abortion clinic deli
For the wholesome family
Morsels for the homeless or a ninth-week recipe
Tastes something like an omelet or a hamster fricassee
Chunky fetal soup
Could eat it with a fork
Or a nice placental meatloaf
Prepared somewhat like pork
The umbilical fries are yummy
And the candied eyes are too
Oh, the abortion clinic deli has a tasty treat for you

Another whining Catholic
Is just what we don't need
Looking for a soul to fuck
Full of grace and greed
So let's eat the little sucker
And all his little pals
From the vacuum to the frying pan
From sausage to low-cals

The abortion clinic deli
The future Burger King
When we make our tummies happy
We can hear the babies sing
The abortion clinic deli
Would you like a doggie bag?
Carnivores are sexy
Salads make us gag
Protein, fiber, and carbohydrates
Packaged fresh in freeze-dried crates
Healthy snacks anytime of the day
Just pop one in the microwave!