Valient Thorr - Hijackers lyrics

Somethings happenin up in the sky, its rainin money but no one knows why
We're kinda scared, is this a trick, the pressures risin and its makin me sick
You see my panther, you wanna bleed, im robbing trains as i jump off my steed
Jump in my wagon, come on let's go, ride with me im on my way to the show,
Do you get down? i thought you did, here's the opener now gimme your lid.
You touch my eagle, you learn his name, uh total universe man is to blame
The total package, the total man, addressing subjects that you don't understand
The total universe the total plan, a spreadin messages all over the land
The total world, the total sky, you think u like him but you got no reason why
What's he doin? is this enough? you wanna touch him you aint feelin so tough.
Touch me x4
Whats you feelin baby? what year is this anyway? have you ever heard of vachal lindsey?
He used to walk and talk for his supper.
You got me feelin
If anyone can do it, i can
Ill bust through the ceiling
You can call me universe man
You see my panther, you wanna bleed, i robbing trains as i jump off my steed, you touch my eagle,
You learn his name