Vado - Wake Up / Beat Knocking lyrics (Chinese translation). | [Verse 1]
, It's no rules no parameters
, Started off in high school was a amateur
, Copping shit...
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Vado - Wake Up / Beat Knocking (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: [Verse 1]
ZH: [第 1 节]

EN: It's no rules no parameters
ZH: 它是没有规则没有参数

EN: Started off in high school was a amateur
ZH: 高中的时候一开始是一个业余爱好者

EN: Copping shit you can't move bulit the stamina
ZH: 挨批狗屎你不能移动造耐力

EN: I told my youth make moves don't let em' stand witcha'
ZH: 我告诉过我的青春使移动不让 em' 站你 '

EN: Checks blank 100 K or more?
ZH: 检查空白 100 K 或更多吗?

EN: Lets make a bank tour
ZH: 让我们使银行之旅

EN: Whatever you seen I seen more
ZH: 不管你见过我见过更多

EN: Plenty beef your heat freeze I squeezed off
ZH: 很多牛肉我挤了你热冻结

EN: Phantom Hard top but the seats soft
ZH: 但软座椅幻像硬顶

EN: My man up looking down on me like a seesaw
ZH: 我低头看着我,像跷跷板一样的人

EN: I don't know what happend before but times is rough I need enough to make my feet warm
ZH: 我不知道之前发生了什么事,但时代是粗糙我需要足以使我的脚温暖

EN: [Hook] 2X
ZH: [钩] 2 X

EN: "I woke up to some haze holding my pen steady
ZH: "我醒来到拿我的笔稳定有烟霞

EN: They say the Lord on his way tell him I been ready
ZH: 他们说他在路上主告诉他我已准备好了

EN: As I inhale to the song
ZH: 当我吸气的歌

EN: It's Obvious that where I'm from was hell all along"
ZH: 很明显我从哪里一直都是地狱"

EN: [Verse 2]
ZH: [第 2 节]

EN: I heard enough like enough is enough
ZH: 听说够就够了像

EN: I see a lot of rappers coming from under that bus
ZH: 我看到很多说唱歌手下那辆公共汽车

EN: No matter what they aint fucking with us
ZH: 不管什么他们不是耍我们

EN: Every Line is a uppercut plus one to the gut
ZH: 每一行都上勾拳加一到肚子

EN: Ask Bishop I had the best Juice
ZH: 问主教我有最好的果汁

EN: Can't be cool with em n**** only respect shoot
ZH: 不能与 em n * * * 只有尊重射击很酷

EN: Check scams credit cards we did it
ZH: 检查诈骗信用卡我们做到了

EN: Build a plan my advance gon get all the equipment
ZH: 生成计划,我提前尼泊尔政府获取所有的设备

EN: The streets talking I always will listen
ZH: 在街上说话总是会听着

EN: Always think on the money so I'm Paying attention
ZH: 所以我很关注总是觉得在钱上

EN: [Hook]
ZH: [钩]

EN: [Verse 3]
ZH: [第 3 节]

EN: They Like man that kid glow
ZH: 他们喜欢男人那孩子发光

EN: In a pepto bismol color gran turismo
ZH: 在醒酒药成分颜色格兰旅游

EN: After me there is no That could? head crack leave with his dough
ZH: 之后我有没有那可能吗?头裂纹留给他的面团

EN: That make them sick to they stomachs
ZH: 使他们病到他们胃

EN: Throwing up on this shit cause I don't spit I vomit
ZH: 这吐屎我不要吐我的事业呕吐

EN: Heavy grip four fifth lift if you want it
ZH: 如果你想让它重握四第五电梯

EN: Every trip whole clique even N***** with warrants
ZH: 每次旅行整个 clique * * 甚至 N * 与认股权证

EN: I'm like Nino I see money
ZH: 我就像尼诺看钱

EN: The world is mine there's really no need for G money
ZH: 世界是我真的有没有需要 G 钱

EN: Your girl is mine you eating but see your team hungry
ZH: 你的女孩是我的你吃,但见你饿了的团队

EN: That's word to mine them fingers can't take a thing from me
ZH: 这就是 word 排雷他们手指不能抢走我的一件事

EN: [Hook]
ZH: [钩]