VITA - I'ma Boss (Freestyle) (2011)

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VITA - I'ma Boss (Freestyle) lyrics

Look I’m back in the studio, back on some new shit
Brand new attitude, but I’m on some cute shit
… on my…chance never do shit
Told me that they love me, yeah the chance the never prove it
Yeah I pop on and off, … touch down,
We popping bottles like I bang or hate or back down
… broke, look at me up now
I run my city from New Jersey to South …
They ain’t got for all this…
All this paper I be spending, all these bottles I pop
Out on tour around the world before my album even drop
And I’m looking 23, I’m that bitch now look at V, look at V
I’m the balls like my nigger Rose, he ain’t want me… no way
Cause I came from the bottom and I got no time to play
If you want me as your artist, boy you know you gota pay
Bitch I’m a boss, I call the shots
I’m with the murder mammies, we make it pop
We own the building…
You talking cash for you … bitch I’m a boss.