V.I.P. - I believe lyrics

Ha, you know some people just
don't know what im talkin about
But i know you understand (yeah)
cuz i know you believe

baby i believe that you were meant for me
and if there's somebody
then baby i believe
that somebody is you
and everything you do
cuz baby i believe...
i believe in you

verse 1

I walk home alone
waiting by the telephone
all my girlfriends say
give it up, baby give it up

I know that you can see
this is how its meant to be
you're my frequency
cuz baby i believe


verse 2

no they don't understand
dreamin up a masterplan
i know that you can
give it up baby give it up
and it's a simple rule
you don't wanna play it cool
leave me like a fool
cuz i've been leaving you
(come on)



uh 1 luv is devide the sea --(not sure what that really says)
i believe it all came to the past
when you came to me
you set me free
sure is 1 and 1 is 2
yeah i believe in you,
that's what i do

uh...cuz i believe in you...

and seems so real

I was dreaming did you come to me
hold me closer for eternity
i believe....



I walk to the world and i see it all
I never look down
incase of the fall
im off the wall
and i still believe