Usher - Whatever I Want lyrics

featuring Mike Jones

If you only knew
I already sized you up
Sittin' next to me lookin' so tough
And your fixin' your hair runnin' your game
Tellin' me I only want one thing girl
Sincerity's what you need for now
In a while the truth will all come out
And its almost unfair to me
What you wanna say baby ready to see

It's so clear to me
Its that everyone will hear you speaking
Whatever I wanna do
Its whatever I wanna do
Whatever I want I can do to you
Whatever I want I can do to you
Whatever you say is just givin me well
Whatever I want baby I can do
Whatever I want

You can't get enough
Man, conversation I can feel your touch
You losin' points trying to play the role
Let's keep it cool nonsexual
Girl I know how you feel
But you don't want it for real
It's whatever I wanna do
You don't even know what you got into


It just ain't right
You feelin'so frustrated

You can' stop the feeling
The feeling is close to me
Girl you know that Everything you need is right here
So now when we do whatever we want to (ohh yeahh)
Whatever I Want

(Mike Jones)
Mike Jones!
Whatever I want
Whatever I need
She'll do whatever it takes to give it to me
She don't trip, don't fall 'cause she know I'll kick her out
And when I get bored bring her back to my house
I'm Mike Jones
Who? Mike Jones
Hitta chick quick and make her walk home
'cause whatever I want to do I'ma do to you
I'm a grown man so I do what I wanna do
So until you figure it out
I'm kickin' you out
Because I feel good single
I don't need no spouse
I'm a bachelor who just got his Bachelor's Degree
So if you pretty sexy and thick come holla at me
That's my cell phone numba hit me up on tha low
That's my cell phone numba hit me up on tha low
I'm Mike Jones
Swisha House!


(Usher talking)
Whatever I want
Whatever I want.