Usher - Downtime (Hard II Love Album) (2016)

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Usher - Downtime (Hard II Love Album) lyrics

Everything you do is everything I know
No need to pretend, we both know what you want
Say you gotta good thing, he don't have to know
Everything you and I do, only I love
We could make this easy
I know you don't need me
Say that kind of thing
It's more of a fling
That's why when you leave
I'm the only one comin' through
Don't act like it's (?) you
I do all that downtime
And I do all my downtime
We connect, we wanna feel
That shit don't (?) no
But what you do in your downtime
And what you do in your downtime
That's everything I know
Girl that's everything I know
Yeah, yeah, that's everything I know
That's the only thing I know

Oh, oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh, oh

Left the country just to spend the weekend here to fuck me
What is