User Pretty-In-Punk - Angel Crying Tears Of Blood lyrics

Drowning in a sea of hate
In her emotions she suffocates
Splashing in a stream of blood
Like cuts in her veins, it's just too tough

Why is this Angel crying tears of blood?
Why can't she stop and clean herself from mud?
She has internal bleeding and it's starting to show
Yeah she's dying, but she doesn't want anybody to know
(She wants to hide away and peacefully go)

The weight of her world pushes her underground
She goes reluctantly but doesn't make a sound
Crawling insects feasting on her beautiful face
She couldn't escape coming to this hell-bound place


(a life-less bloody Angel buried under thick skin. Did you relate to this song at all? Or relate to everythig? We all have Angels crying tears of blood inside ourselves. Some open up to who they are, others pretend they're someone else)

[chorus x2]