Unter Null - I Can't Be The One lyrics

In the silence
In this poisonous room
With no space to breathe
As you hover and loom

Guilt held over my head
It's to heavy to take
I feel myself breaking
under the weight of mistakes

You constantly say
I have room to improve
? doesn't reach higher
You never improve

This life of these games
They become so apparent
And I break through the void
and leave you in torment

I will be the one who remains unbroken
I will be the one who speaks words unspoken
I will be the one who doesn't accuse
I will be the one who doesn't abuse
I won't be the one who constantly blames
I won't be the one who plays fucking games
I won't be the one you control anymore
I want you to know as I walk out the door

I can't ???
and you shouldn't have mine
you're dependent and sick
Though you deny, deny

Disappointing your curse
So shut off from life
You're too proud to admit
So you lie, you lie

I can't save your solace
cause you're lacking a heart
I can't say you're broken
Though your falling apart

I can't guide you away
from the path you must take
We will only find ruin
pain and heartache

(Chorus) X2