Unsilent Phenomenon - Prince Of Darkness lyrics

In one thousand years when Jesus Christ has crucified,
Someone knocked on (the) gates of monastery in dark and rainy night.
Old monk opened (the) door and saw a creche with infant crying.
And something strange was in green boy's eyes.

Time went by, boy grew up, his faith was unrestrained.
When he spoke of God, his speech ensemble of the startling things contained
All predicted him the future like he had God's bless.
But something strange was in his green eyes non the less.

I always have a dream to die without pain
And God will take my soul and Earth will take my shame...

Be my spy
Be my virus
Be my eyes in the land of light
Be invader
Guide black riders
To throw down the God.

It is time
To set us free
When you reach your age
Act my son
And let them see
Let them feel my rage

Once in midnight, when Romeo was in prays in his dark room,
Something had forced him to get up and run to the forest's gloom.
He looked back and saw a person from his own dark dream.
And Romeo realized that Man talked to him.

- Do you know Romeo, who am I, and who you are?
- Evil?
- That's right. But that is not the worst news for you.
- You're my only son. You will be key of mine to heaven.
And in some time my Prince of Darkness we shall rule together.


I always have a dream to die without pain
And God will take my soul to have a rest
I'll kill myself. I don't wanna play your game
And look now how knife is entering my chest!