Unpredictable New - In The Absence You Own lyrics

I lied to you when i said i was alright
The night finds me in a lonely time
Where i'm vulnerable and accept punishment
For company.

How sad it is you realize
Music can't heal everything

I found myself reading the expression on your face
This morning.
If a picture's worth a thousand words...
You sure didn't waste any
I should throw away these memories
They only bring tears to me...
And the night finds me in a lonely time.

I know it's not my fault
I did everything i could
But if i wasn't enough
To make you happy
Then why am i still breathing?
I want to know who's me tonight
Who's comfort, who's another fight.
All these insecure questions bleed into
One another, but i know that the bottom line is
That you're not alone and i am,
Clinging to a hope that you will fix this...
And i'll wake up...
And i'll wake up with you