Unitopia - There's A Place lyrics

There's a place where we can go,
Don't give in, don't let go.
There's a place where life is strong,
Don't give in, it won't be long.

When you're alone it seems,
Nobody wants to know who you are,
Don't feel down, always look up,
There's a future for you to claim.
You've got to be proud of what you do,
And Understand the breakthrough is near,
Don't live in fear.

You've got to believe in yourself,
You've got to know just who you are.
It's the time to follow the dream,
It's not far to the other side.
Only another hour to go,
Only another day 'til you're here,
There is a place.

Take hold of my hand,
Turn your eyes toward the light on the hill,
It's not that far to go now.
Things are gonna turn out well.