Unearth - This Lying World lyrics

Be afraid of infection
Be aware of evil ways
Be scared for your protection
Best watch your every step
Instinctual appeal to fear
Collapse and paralyze
Far gone is good intention
Smokescreen to commercialize

Teller of tales, spin us a line
Front page impersonation [x2]

Cities burn
The skies will fall
Civilization reduced to nothing
Disease will spread to all
We buy so we survive
Feel the acid rain corrode

I want to take a picture
Our lives would look disguised [x2]

Wash away, this lying world
Terminate, this iron fist

Strangled are we
By the bastards of facist culture!
Strangled are we
By the hands of our own people!
On the stage
It's "our lives"!

On the stage grows a mountain
as we stumble on we forget
On the stage grows this mountain
as we stumble on we forget
Steer down this path of corruption
Conceal and steal our minds away
Steal Our Minds Away!