Under Threat - Black Innertia Disintegration lyrics

[Lyrics: D. Bermudez]

How did it come to this?
Once seemed like I had it,
But now it's gone
For long time I waited
For long time I believed
Only to find my own disenchantment

Complexity devouring innocence
Reality crushing fantasy
Selling out my blood for forgiveness
Giving away joy to receive discontent

Everything seemed clear before,
Now I don't know who I am anymore
Silent dissatisfaction eating me up
Sweet asphyxia growing inside

There's nothing you say that will mean something for me
There's nothing you do that will bring me back
Slowly falling apart even when nobody realizes

You see me smiling but I'm not there
I hear you talking but I don't care
Dense atmosphere of despair,
Silent descending to end

Black innertia disintegration