Undeclinable - Beautifull Nation lyrics

Congratulations. You have made it to our border. Is there something you'd like to order? A life without oppression and fear.
Beautifull nation. Holds out a prospect of liberation. The examplary situation. There's no place for supplication.
(Beautifull backward harmony, sad hidden melody)
You've got thirty days to convince us all. That you're really suffering in life. Stand against the wall. But if there is a chance of survival. You have to pack your bags and go home.
We know it's not fair, but don't really care. Not even aware of the situation out there. Life before becoming a refugee.
You're on probation especially for this occasion. We're having a celebration and maybe we grant asylum.
Sorry, but you'll have to go. Where to, we don't want to know. We deny you our hospitality.