Umphrey's McGee - No Comment lyrics

I think I’m turning soft
My bad decisions all been auctioned off
But I can’t find the adjective to use
It’s not what I expect to give to you
Which brings up my next point
That over thinking always disappoints
I get too impatient and I know
I get too tired of waiting and it shows
It’s the way you interfere
And make the bullshit all just disappear
I’m a clock that ticks but time won’t move
It’s 11:42 all day, all day, all day, all…

It’s the way you open doors
Maybe I’d seen it but I’d ignored
It’s obvious I can’t (resist, exist, attest, ???)
But then you look at me so unimpressed
And so I gravitate
When no one understands you can translate
Cause I get so illogical
I need to change the topic ah again yeah so
So I must apologize
Take to heart all what all of that implies
I some bad decisions first time round
I’ll decline to comment on that now