Uhrilehto - History Has Its Scars lyrics

For aeon's of misery and human ages of lies
Grievance had strike that night not for the first of yet for the last time

And the eerie sound filled the air that night
You know the sound of bomber's soaring across the jetblack sky
Far in the dead cold Horizon's with the rusty moon above
Watching the sleeping cities on that dismal autumn night
All those year's waited for something that never came
Only smell of rotting bodies and thosand gun's blazing high

Deadligth's in the streets and the graveyard of leonely yeard's
Only warmth in the smoky ruins...
Rolling thnunder of the steelwinged enemy still echoes
And the winds keep singing that eerie sound...

Let it come... the order of a new time
And the all know that frontlines are not forsaken
Awake from you slumber and bless your grief
The hunt for murder of humanity has begun... centuries ago foreseen

And they all smell in the air that night
Out in the street's in the sparkling fire of death from the sky
In the bullet spitting predators... cold blooded hunters
With arm's wide open living hell embraced their eyes...
And by the tide of dawn when the bombers still blasted wild
Apathy came as a friend... to give it's firstborn child
For a moment it was quiet, until it begun again...
The beast of war was awaken from it's restless sleep... from beyond the scars of time

For the uears of sorrow and hours of pain
Was ever closer with masterplan of immortal crimes
Ther was no peace, here's no love and there wont be understanding
Legions of doom and panzer divisions will have their way tonight
And when the silence dressed the silent
The grass was still warm of blood
Some laid dead by weapons and the other's too shorked to breathe
But all of them quiet... captured by grief

So who will wash the blood from you eyes?
In the flesh and horror these tragedies must be done
On that cold autumn night... when thousand souls will cry
Fell human creations... all them one by one...

And the eerie sound of bimbers fill's the air tonight
Rolling thnuder of the steelwinged enemy and thousand guns blzaing high... still echoes