UGK - She Luv It lyrics

2x and she love it

Get down on the dime
Open up the store
Slide down slow she get down on the floor (she love it )
Slide down slow she get down on the floor (she love it )
Slide down slow she get down on the floor (she love it )

Pimp c verse:
I can feel you put my dick inside your mouth
Tryna put my whole dick and nuts inside your mouth
Im jumpin in and out your pussy tryna stretch it out
When i hit you from the back you say dont pull it out
And the nigga that you live with aint like me
Aint from atlanta but i know these hos like me
They pullin on my zipper wanna bite me
I gotta bitch from Oakland
Like to get hyphy
In the bed with her head in a chill
Eatin' on my dick like its some corn or bbq rib
Drop it to the flow let me fuk wit cha
Get the camera out bitch im bout to take my picute


Bun B verse:
Well she a big fine something aint she
With that big ass
Betcha she can grind something cant she
She shake it fast
Shake it slow, to and fro
Back and forth, up and down

That apple bottom brown
And it aint fuckin around
She got her rockin republics on, fittin kinda tight
Real snug on the backside
It's lookin kinda ripe
With a juicy tank top and her louey (LV) Tim heels
All bullshit aside, she lookin ready to kill
But when i say kill, I mean murder the cock
I'm talkin beatin the pussy up while the headboards knock
She ain't watchin the clock, ain't tryin to answer the phone
Cuz Bun B done got that dick that put your chick in a zone
Come on

Bun B: verse
These hoes loving the living, I'm giving all they can take
These hoes living for loving, I'm shoving dick til' they break
Put your feet in the sky, bring your knees to your chest
Grab a hold of the sheets bitch, and I'ma do the rest
Get to pressing on your pink, gripping on your soft
To the side, take a ride, From the back I break you off

[Pimp C: verse]
I want some pussy and some navel and some ass and some mouth
I ain't fucking for me bitch, I'm fucking for the whole south
Show me what you working with, bitch what you got
I really wanted to fuck but ho you went and shaved your cock
A bald head pussy ain't shit, got them razer bumps bitch
Grow some hair and get legit

Chorus x2