UGK - 976-Bun-B lyrics

Innate feat Daughtry
No Came
Acceleration Gangster

Chorus Daughtry

Existed from when I was born
I have always been in war
It’s Fell on Black Days
I feel superunkwown
I’ve had self-esteem issues
I don’t know where to go
Can anybody paint the yellow brick road
I want to go home

Verse 1

I’m standing in the shadows of love
Trying to reach out
But the thrill is gone
Two wrongs don’t make a right
I’m too much
I need something to pull me out this dump
Trashman seen the same thing too much
I'm starting to feel distant again
Someone didn’t want the little kid, himself
The temperature of the room is hot
I’ve touched the stove a lot
And I’ve been cold a lot
Haters be scolding me out
From the back on their minds
Yeah, I’m history, I’m B.B King
Hall of shame, give it up for me
Innate, born overweight
Eating all my life, finally getting the plate
Innate, born with asthma
Troubles breathing, they used to laugh at ya
Maybe, I don't know, I tried to take it slow
Losing friends, maybe I try to lose my whole soul
Having a friend call over and say his brother just died
Brings tears in my eyes, then Charlotte was about to commit suicide
And that’s a whole different life, always withdrawn and depressed
Fighting with her Mom Dad, they had no interest in her
So bleak, in so much pain, so weak
Too difficult to hang around her, too deep
All she needed was love, but she hated herself
It made me starting hating me too
Who knew the right way
She was just misunderstood
From Innate problems
Never had a job to she finish college
Dreaming impatiently, they ain’t taking me
Similar in ways of myself
Use to stop the world, then melt
People trample on my feelings
Even when I’m feeling hell
And when it’s cold inside
I can’t go outside
Teenage suicide is hard for parents
And it’s hard for me to be embarrassed
Adult issues got me feeling embarrassed
I was a know it all, especially I was 15
I was a good kid, never thought nasty
Now I got older, so I’m past see
My only addiction was hatred to my self
Swallowing pills, taking drugs badly
With words flying from my mouth faster than George Foreman
Pain is my strength for endurance
Ten years old I was that mad
Was doing drugs, I was that bad
I didn’t want to die in full askance
It’s okay to feel pain, but you have to love
Come out from the barriers, from the rigid walls
Create new areas, take a new breath of life
Don’t pay attention to past, onto a newer life
‘’Some day, son, you’ll finally be old enough to anything you
Want to do…but your son will have the car
But he got me a bible, odd thing, are you a psycho
Probably never read James, or knows any of the disciples
Has the nerve to do that, crude cat
Why’d he had to do that
Resentment and confusion
Anytime I feel an contusion of life coming on


Verse 2

Just Innate from sad times
Been desperate, especially around Junior time
Like when I met the prettiest girl in my class
Krista Marshall, and my father interfere all time
Only got one dad, in life only got one time
And like Fabulous this is mine
I've been thinking about my situation
Nothing ventured nothing left to lose
When it's easier to just say nothing
In the end, you’re in you’re shoes
Nothing worse than a silent ghost
Or to lose your head at the starting post
But who keeps the score, losing things
Forgetting more, just Innate
Way I born, things hard to explain
Innate, was born on a Hell Date
I don’t really wanna date my life
Or take my life back, or get to know it
Like I’ve known crack
At the count of one we both accelerate
We’re about to go, I’m driving today


Psyche na, I’m just playing