Tyrant Throne - The Chaos Beast lyrics

Entirely proud yet not so proud
A sensing one - the beast of freedom.
In separate fists; all together…
Sanity and its diversity – Insanity
The true form of a sane one!!

Grant me the power
Of the relentlessly chaotic ravaging devourer
Who wrongly fed from this dogmatic barrier
Which pathetically embraced the lustful enemy;
A breed known as man!

When suddenly it is time
For the disastrous astonishment
Blood paths are opened, blood lines are seen.
Unveiled now the secrecy
Of a non-sense bond;
Mind and body, thought and disaster
Two enemies of old
Together for a one pointless goal!
Unleashing anger and hate
Leading to torment and death

Finally working together properly
In this hour of need
The mind summons the body
The body obeys with a trigger
The head splatters, and so the body follows...

How beautiful the scene is
17 pieces of dismembered flesh.
Brains on the pillow, blood on the walls.
Now my final words to you;
I hate you!!!