Tyler Read - Intentions lyrics

You look at me now
I see your hidden intentions
Pressed all over the side of your face
Anticipation, you can feel it
When it's crawling all over your skin
Your body's moving now,

I see you starting to sweat, not yet
I'll be trying to find you somehow
Where do you run to now
What are you telling me

It's the look it's the push
That tips you over the edge
Then tell your friends
And beg for their forgiveness

You know I'm falling apart
I don't care if you don't care

Girls kissing girls and the boys getting jealous
Sick of doing everything that they tell us
What they don't know is I can't wait to get you home

You caught me staring now
I see the look on your face
You've got me taking my chances tonight
The way it has to be
I could tell it from the minute that you walked in
Your body's moving now
I see you starting to break, hey wait
I know timing is everything
Where do you run to now
What are you telling me

Young girls doing the best they can
Try to meet the boys in a rock and roll band
I don't think they get it or understand
Because you want a boy, but you need a man

And I'm calling everybody I know
Ten digits wrong area code
It's a long way out of here
Has anybody seen you lately