Tyga - Stop Accusing lyrics

City lights dark shades with my vision light.
Salute Moet with glass got me feeling right.
Do not miss ice,all i need ms right tonight.
Too clean one beam i aint finna fight.
One hit probaly in a life.Life just cold,hell,so i bring the fire.
Almighty in the sky,no this aint angel eyes.
Eyes must say (?) fly,fly,must oblige.i give text,she read,reply.
Some good sex after this thinking in my mind.took a look at the time.
Sweet me,couple drinks,eat,no ramadan.
Bed spread.take the covers off.
Drag your ass on the comforter,dracula,get to sucking on,
Uck you from behind,fuck you hard,fuck dat other sucka ma.
Blood rush through your theighs like your running around.
Its finna get wild while i beat it like a problem child.
Probaly deep down world pussy treasure found.
Im thinking two more rounds imma tap out...
But i aint let it out...its getting wetter now...
She need a paper towel.dont pull it out.
Ahhhh like your smile.

Answer your phone.hello?(wuddup)
Pick up your phone,are you cheating?
(are you cheating on me).answerable,
Your wrong. (i think your wrong)ive been with you this whole weekend.
Stop Stop.Stop Stop Stop accussing.Stop Stop.
Stop Stop Stop accussing.Stop Stop.Stop Stop Stop accussing(d*** she make me wanna lose it)
Stop Stop.Stop Stop Stop accussing.Stop Stop.Stop Stop Stop accussing.
Stop Stop.Stop Stop Stop accussing(d*** she make me wanna lose it).

A couple months pass and im still in that a**.
Everyday we in the sheets like the Klu Klan.
Next in the streets,arguing,she think i cheat.
Just cause im busy?i just think she love me...
But she dont wanna be in love.

Cause all her friends tell her remember how that n*qqa was?
And things that he done,to each and every girl?
Just imagine on tour a bunch of--b**** shutup!
They dont know s*** about us,famous,
I can pay them to play naked.can i,
Watch a stipper put dollar bills on her anus.angry.
Im just keeping it real,dont you hate it?...
What im sayin,is that aint me.
We can get away while their aiming.
Sea shores relaxe like you fainting but its like the world changing.. it.but i dont wanna waste your minutes(minutes).
Because every moment's precious(precious).
Look at all the s*** we blessed wit,benz's,houses,necklaces,correct me if this isnt wat u wanted.
I like to see us peaceful in the public.
Hugging.people like look at that couple.
But you dont wanna none of it so f*** you and f*** it.


[voicemail: One new messaqe.six saved messages.first new message:]
Angry female: where the f*** are you?!
I've been f***ing calling you all f***ing night long.
I've been leaving you messages.text messages.
I know your with that f***ing***ing..
Piece of s***.i know you f***ing lying to me.
You lied to me lied to me today.
And im gonna f***ing find out...everything.
Im gonna find out everything and im gonna f***ing kill you.
Cause i know you've been lying to me...your f***ing driving me f***ing nuts!
!i dont know what to do!
I text messaged you like 10 times and you didnt f***ing text message me back once.
(i cant take it) i just wanted to talk to you...i love you so much.
[voicemail:message erased]