Tyga - Lovagain (Well Done 2 Mixtape) (2011)

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Tyga - Lovagain (Well Done 2 Mixtape) lyrics

Looking for love again
Looking or love again
Everybody has a story
This is mine

I think I start something
No check just start fucking
Kind of early but I know we both love it
We both rush it we can add titles but then we both ..
Rolling in the seats till midnight morning
I am gonna go down South then call the ..
Pussy big like ..i am gonna eat it good
Like something from the lords all good like a summer day
Blowing up the cake blowing over …
She really shouldn’t but she .. to the lifestyle
TIC ecstasy ion the white cells
Hey hear me now
Hear she .. some niggers .. pick up
Pretty low princess now she is promiscuous
Supposed to be my niggers out .. fucking niggers
I ain’t tripping I am gonna get another bitch
I don’t need this shit is too hard to end this shit
I rather stay .. and then we fall in love again
We fall in love again
Real nigger got hoes on my dick
Could stay with my eyes closed
Now I see him ain’t nothing worth it though
Rather be with you than out here a lonely soul
On the road between the hoes bitches I don’t know
.. camera phones .. the shit get low I just hope we are still involve
I just hope we are still in love
In love with you
Hope we fall in love again
Hope we fall in love again