Twiztid - World lyrics

I... You can catch a buzz off me from smoking the reazin off my bong And disappear in the dark like the smoke in my lungs Now will you walk with me My eyes closed and I can't see straight, now it's pitch black Take a chance when the faces all talk to me Or when they callin me Can't breathe and I can't move like a heart attack Hung ova, stoned sober my last guy crashed and burned so game over Control over a parallel you can't even f**k with Cast half the spells and burn you in the dark shit Crossed over with my faith in God Stigmata, bleedin from the hole in my arm I'm hangin from ropes and chains with my veins all cut up In a puddle of blood, monoxide, bitch, what up Drank the ? with green eyes and sippin on blood Realm walker through the smoke I come (Chorus:) What if the world couldn't get any worse than this? It just did it just did it just did it just did (4 times) You're starin at a homicidal maniac straight out his biskit you never know how deep shit can get until you're knee deep in it So come along and witness things Dark enough to mainstream Sendin eyes wander through the tunnels Of your blood veins And if yall didn't know ? for hoes Ain't no love for trolls Better roll for you get stole on Better, better get gone 'Fore I grab this axe start hittin your ass the way I usually hit this bong Hit this moist and coochie when I speak on point like se 'er f**k your 9 millimeter Real stupid, your killaz carry an axe either in our hands or in the haters back watch em drip like candle wax Caught up in the wicked web created by the light of them and now your homies dead I think you better call an ambulance Talkin that, walkin that, can't nobody f**k with me but now you're on your back and labeled just another casualty (Chorus 4 times) Time is running out for the planet Earth. ? you will make it, in society, or out of it Time is running out for the planet Earth What if the world couldn't get any worse than this? What if the world couldn't get any worse than this You'll make it, in society or out of it Comatose (what?) f**ked up on drugs scatter brain from an infection I got my blood monoxide bless the dead up (bitch what), hold it down keep these weak bitches from double crossin the underground and I'm a ? big dog so bitch don't play ( eat a ?) My space, my world, and my way that's all that I can really truly be (yeah) My reflection is insanity that's all that I can see where copy cats are waiting to perpetrate you invention (damn) Brought up in a world of lies and hypocrites and tension so listen up and lend an ear, here, you can borrow mine livin for yesterday and today will tomorrow find (hey) it ain't the chips that make the man it's the spirit heart and action a place where people will understand And you can try and argue with that While me and monoxide split this pack of cigarettes and smoke our lungs black (Chorus 4 times)