Twiztid - We Don't Die lyrics (Chinese translation). | We ain't underground by accident
, There's only a select few that can handle this
, Freak shit
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Twiztid - We Don't Die (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: We ain't underground by accident
ZH: 我们不是地下的意外

EN: There's only a select few that can handle this
ZH: 有只选择几个,可以处理这

EN: Freak shit
ZH: 变态屎

EN: Apparition of a poltergeist
ZH: 显灵的恶作剧

EN: Blessed with a heart
ZH: 幸运地拥有一颗心

EN: But is cold as ice and broken twice
ZH: 但是是冷如冰和破碎的两倍

EN: Now I walk with an axe
ZH: 我现在用斧头走

EN: Dressed in all jet black with contacts
ZH: 身着黑色与联系人的所有 jet

EN: Straight maniac
ZH: 直疯子

EN: Warlock, Samhain and Salem's Lot
ZH: 术士、 死神和萨利姆的很多

EN: Sand through the hour glass ticking of the clock
ZH: 通过时钟的滴答小时玻璃砂

EN: If you don't know by now it's too late
ZH: 如果你不知道的现在就太晚了

EN: We the most serious thing on the market since date rape
ZH: 我们市场约会强奸以来最严重的事情

EN: We the dead
ZH: 我们死去的人

EN: We don't explain or feel pain, beserko
ZH: 我们不要解释或感觉到疼痛,beserko

EN: Keep it underground to maintain
ZH: 保持地下保持

EN: Bitch you better checknuts
ZH: 婊子你更好的 checknuts

EN: I'm doing voodoo in 66 in 6 months
ZH: 我在 66 在 6 个月内做巫毒教

EN: Ridin' in a digged out hearse with gold spokes
ZH: 骑在挖出与金幅灵车

EN: Puffin' on 2 ton blunt with dead folks and it's like that
ZH: 像这样与死人和它的抽上 2 吨钝器

EN: [Chorus:]
ZH: [合唱:]

EN: Axe Murderers, we don't die
ZH: 斧杀人凶手,我们不会死

EN: Serial Killers, we don't die
ZH: 连环杀手,我们不会死

EN: Freaks of the Night, we don't die
ZH: 夜的怪物,我们不会死

EN: We get high, we don't die
ZH: 我们高,我们不会死

EN: Coming up outta the ground
ZH: 接下来离开地面

EN: From the underground tunnel I dug
ZH: 从我挖地下隧道

EN: To keep away from the mainstream lover
ZH: 为了让远离主流的情人

EN: Just want somebody to move and get hurt
ZH: 只是想要别人移动和受伤

EN: Got your hole dug deep in the dirt
ZH: 有您深在泥土中挖出的洞

EN: Can't hurt?
ZH: 不能伤害吗?

EN: With you bitch motherfuckers makin' love to the press?
ZH: 与你这个婊子王八蛋向新闻界造爱呢?

EN: With a bitch name tatted on your chest
ZH: 与婊子的名字铭刻在你的胸前

EN: Me and motherfucking' madrox, hauntin' the joint
ZH: 我和他妈 ' madrox,hauntin' 联合

EN: Bringin' death to the people that don't get the point
ZH: 不明白的人带死亡

EN: We don't die
ZH: 我们不会死

EN: Uh huh, we unreal
ZH: 嗯嗯,我们不真实

EN: Just like a seven dollar bill
ZH: 就像一七美元的钞票

EN: Voice my opinion regardless on how you feel
ZH: 我提出意见不管你的感受

EN: Freak shit
ZH: 变态屎

EN: It ain't about being rich
ZH: 这不是关于正在丰富

EN: It's about juggalos and runnin' with lunatics
ZH: 它是关于 juggalos 和与疯子不停地奔跑

EN: As long as y'all rock this we won't quit
ZH: 只要你们摇滚这我们不会退出

EN: We do it all for y'all, I mean that shit
ZH: 我们这样做都是为你们,意思是,狗屎

EN: Everyone of y'all means everything to me
ZH: 你们每个人都意味着我的一切

EN: We bleed for y'all, that's why we call it the family
ZH: 我们会流血的你们,这就是为什么我们称之为家庭

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [合唱]

EN: It's hard to explain the element my
ZH: 很难解释元素我

EN: Self inflicted pain
ZH: 自我造成的痛苦

EN: Were not positive, and upliftin'
ZH: 不是积极的和 upliftin'

EN: Fuck you, walk a mile in our shoes
ZH: 去你妈,在我们的鞋子走一英里

EN: Experience hard times and payin' helly dues
ZH: 遇到困难的时候和吓 helly 会费

EN: Freak shit
ZH: 变态屎

EN: What I live what I breath
ZH: 什么我住我的呼吸

EN: Cast out Mutant X like his disease
ZH: 他的病像赶出突变体 X

EN: Still they try to ban our sound
ZH: 他们仍然试图禁止我们的声音

EN: Cause supposedly it would be resurrecting
ZH: 因为它会复活的假想

EN: The dead from under hollow ground
ZH: 从中空地面下死

EN: You in the dead zone, 10 points for us
ZH: 你在死区,对我们来说 10 点

EN: You smellin' cigarette smokes right before your lungs bust
ZH: 你 smellin' 香烟抽右前你的肺胸部

EN: Plus, you can't trust him
ZH: 再加上,你不能信任他

EN: But I can bust him in half
ZH: 但我就可以抓他一半

EN: And sit back and laugh at all the shit I did
ZH: 坐下来和嘲笑我所做的所有东西

EN: Can you do that?
ZH: 你能做到吗?

EN: Could you school that?
ZH: 你可以上学的吗?

EN: Better yet, I'm a wigged out serial killer
ZH: 更好的是,我是 wigged 出连环杀手

EN: Type war death
ZH: 类型战争死亡

EN: Freakshow, different from the rest
ZH: 点燃,不同于其余

EN: But I, love it though
ZH: 但我,虽然爱它

EN: Put you to the test
ZH: 把你放到测试

EN: [Chorus x4]
ZH: [合唱 x 4]