Twiztid - Listen lyrics

"And I'm sorry I had a fucking mental breakdown,How many times did you...could you be normal if someone disrespected your dead father every chance they got?"

(Chorus,Madrox & Monoxide)
All This (all this)...
I cant remeber your face
All this (all this)...
No one can take your place
All this (all this)...
I cant remeber your face
All this pain and animosity

It's not everyday I get to sit around and chat
Sit down and think maybe even talk about
That shit just drives me crazy,Fuckin me up
I'm outta luck like a slut with nobody to fuck
Somebody talk to me, hear me out, lend me an ear
Before I lose it on society and do it so Violently
Fearer of fear,hands sweaty, losin' my breath
I'm sittin' with death, somebody sittin' on my chest
Best remedy's revenge on people who wouldn't listen
Cheeks glisten 'cause I'm cryin', my vision is so violent
Didn't worry 'cause I'm losin' it Abusin' anybody that's confusin
This with lyin or me tryin to get attention, Sention
On my mind,all I think about is dyin,
In spite of me livin' in Hell,breakin' me down,
Outta touch with reality, fuck it I'm out,
Everybody in this motha fuckas hearin me now,


(Anybody Killa)
I'm so lost without my loved ones can't seen to let go
Why do I keep breathin? Does God want me to die slow?
On the edge I stand lookin at the past on
Wondering how long I'm aloud to carry on
So many left that was just to close
At times I feel all alone and I just cant cope
Why did they have to go? Why did they have to leave?
If its not family then its a homie from the streets.
My minds set not to take that shit
But I gotta stay strong for the sake of my kids (Hi daddy)
How close does the soul gotta get
To make you want to slit your wrist after they heart quits?
Its so hard to you lose in life but even harder to recover
Specially when memories start to smother
You cant run so just take that pain
Cause I'ma always gonna hold on to your name rememberin....


(Jamie Madrox)
It's everyday that the anger seem's to be killing me off
It's kinda nice to have a chance to talk,Or rather have you
Listen to me, You always listen to me
No matter what state of mind i appear to be visiting,you were there for me
Even when i said i was outta my mind,
You were the one that said give it some time, And i would find
That i could put the pieces back together again
You were the one that trusted me til the end,I cant pretend that i
Never had faith in you, I was only afraid
I knew what was going on, but didnt know what to say
I was so young, feeling like my soul was torn
Coming to grips with the fact you ain't comin home no more
All this madness, and all this pain, Made something break inside brain
And all this hate, and all this time, Made me reline my mind and I find that...