Twiztid - I Wanna Be lyrics

(Jamie Madrox)
I wanna be Batman
Cause everybody really ain't shit to me
My superhero, picture me if I was Batman,
studios and shows
Utility Belt with a compartment full of pre-rolls
Smokin' batbud off in the Batcave
Jamie Madrox...
Gothom really don't look shit like Detroit
But I think these muthafuckas get the point, listen
Word on the street about the Arkham break
Scarecrow, Poison Ivy, Catwoman, Two-Face
All trying to kill me before the night fall
But I got a bat surprise for each one of y'all
Scarecrow tried to front me when I'm up in Lakeside
Flash the Batarang, watch a bitch nigga hide

"Hold up, I don't know what the fuck you talkin' about.
You ain't Batman, fuck you I'm Batman. I remember once
I met this muthafucka at the flea market. He was sellin'
8 x 10 glossies with his autograph on 'em. I got the gloves,
I got the belt, I got the boots. Wait, let me walk in the
closet a second....Help! I got a Batdick!! Help! Help!
You wanna see my dick bitch? Hahahaha!!"