Twizards - Twizards Finale Song lyrics

Anna Lee!

Up to our ears in a spell of bad luck
Up to our eyes in strange brew
How to face up to what's up to no good?
Magic to the power of two
To the power of two

Down to the wire with no ghost of a chance
Down in the depths with no clue
Down to no hope at the end of our rope
We need magic to the power of two
Talkin' 'bout magic
Magic to the power
Of two

It's better than double for takin' on trouble
Better than just a big plus
Power to summon when evil is comin'
The magical power of us

Something not right screamin' out of the night
Demon dreams out of the blue
When we gotta get out of what's out of control
We got magic to the power of two

You got me
I got you
We got the magic
To the power of
Power of
Power of
Power of two