Twisted Coil - Stomping Grounds lyrics

Once alive but now I don 't see n now I don't breathe n now I don't play there
Once alive but now I gotta stay away

Looking back eager to retrieve, eager to believe but now I'm standing hollow.
Looking back but now I can't see a thing

Holding on cuz everything is drifting everything slipping everything is fading
Holding on but now I gotta stay away

Letting go I'll fight the need to stay. I'll let it slip away and pray it 's not a bad thing.
Letting go cuz now I cant see a thing.

Holding on cuz I can't take this. Let go but I don't wanna leave
Looking back cuz I can't feel me letting go cuz I can never see
Commit to memory all the thing that I can't see
Commit to never see all the things that I can't ever be.