Twisted Autumn Darkness - Whithered In Bliss, Weeping lyrics

The darkness is bewitching, a mighty spell is cast
In the flickering candlelight, shadows twist and sigh
Unlocking the mysteries of the night,
Incense burns smoke rising high
7 points of dust locked to the floor,
A barrier of protection broken
Nocturnal visions escape, untold tales are whispered
A rapturous scream shatters the silence
Deranged menace under blackened wings
In my eyes repulsive beauty is reflected
Burning flesh is entwined
Unmasked midnight passion
Devoured by fevered desire
The enslaved hate is crushing
Unending rage is unleashed
Another has joined the infernal choir
The morbid lament of a twisted corpse
No more foulness will pass its breath
Charcoal statue on a floor of glass
An ancient grimoire is read
Incantations raising the dead
Destroying my soul feeding
Withered in bliss, weeping