Twista - Misunderstood lyrics

Yea of course
Ok ok
Its safe to say that I walk a fine line between good and evil this is a fine time for me to be tryin to explain whats goin on inside my mind nigga I don?t see no other kind of solution to let this problems loose
Therepidic for music its sort a misuse to massage my mental survive on music
Sometimes I cant help myself, myself got a mind of its own, buk can not accept this jeff and jeff wont buk till dime be gone
Both supposed to be occupying the same time and the same space, but no just me goin outta my same mind

They don?t really wanna us to feel what the fuck is goin with that motherfucker twista is the nigga off the pill is he off the wet is he off of surf sumthin to do wit the formula 44 up in da grill cuz
The nigga funna kill misunderstood cause im passen watever disaster is like cuz im blaspherous
I leave a nigga body bloody like passions of Christ with a mask in the night full blast wit the mic
If its prophecy the first should be last
I am the future you are primitive
Mopheus I?m a scorpion these shoes are venomous the new artilisrist

And you don?t really wanna start from genesis
And you don?t really wanna spark the nemisis
You lose a fist your crucifix I put you wanted for murder boy you don?t wanna bring darkness into this ??

All those that relate then you can feel my pain trying to walk straight away from the hatred that i hold deep down inside quiet,
I wait i never talk shyt about a nigga bid cause a nigga says and besides that i aint no fuckin kid, you bitch you

Im a misunderstood nigga(tell em why) cause im kinda like kurt cobain.
An expert on pain