Tweet - Small Change lyrics

Well, I, thought about it
Ooh, Ooh Yeah

Well, I didn't think twice
No room left in my life for you
What did your world come to?
But thank ya 'cause I made it through
Right into the light
And this here's not the last song that I'll ever write about ya
Goodbye I wish it were yeah
But this time you've lost your mind
Boy can't you tell

You must be sort of deranged
And your worth is less than small change
To try and (?tease?)
Is more than insane
And your worth is less than small change

Now that I've got my shit right without you
You come back inside with news

You want me to share my views
Give that picture
Take a look and close your book
That's my advice
Let's just be friends
That's better end is quite alright
You got that
Look here there is no way I'm coming back
And that's a fact
Don't beg me to stay



There's no coming back
Something's mighty strange boy with you