Turning Blue - Letdown lyrics

So keep on talking, what's not to say
Everything you know I know,
I know you've needed nothing 'til today
The situations; I don't want to be me
This time, your eyes are upside-down
I'm climbing in

You let me in again
You let me in again, stop talking now
You let me in again
You let me in again, just to hear me say

I'm not the one to believe in
Don't be the one to put your money on me
It isn't me you should count on next time I come around
Cuz if you don't expect the world from me,
I will not let you down

Second chances every day
I'm running out and walking into
Walls I've built behind me but ok
You said through your greasy hair and smile
I haven't slept in twenty days so why don't you
Stay a while


I will not let you down.