Turning Blue - All I Need lyrics

Calling up just to say that I'm better off this way
And to tell you things I know you hate to know
And you wonder why your plastic heart don't come in red
Take it back; the batteries are dead

All I need is for you to be down on me
Because I really don't have enough to think about
Deadset to shut me out and I'm much too dumb to see
Slip it up now slowly and spit me out

On the floor and just maybe sick again because of me
Turn it over and it always feels the same
I know it's half of what it seems
Your a dead rainbow on a black and white TV


Try to take it down to fake a smile just to see
And I feel like I'm breathing underwater
Sunshine cigarette soaked sympathy
Swallow everything I know is inside out and
Means the world to me

Hanging up just to say that I'm better off this way
I hope you hate me when I'm gone


You want the real me without it
Ten to one I highly doubt it
It's been a long time trip it up, trip trip on me
Think about the things you said cuz
You don't need to hear this shit from me